Who is Xenial anyway?
Xenial (pronounced Zee-Nee-Ul) is ancient Greek for being hospitable for others. Xenial does exactly that, making the most user hospitable software and experience. It's point-of-sale completely reinvented.

Xenial is enterprise restaurant and managed food service focused. Its technology is installed in 51,000 locations, hosting 110,000 merchants in the cloud and supporting operations in 62 countries.
They also have 30 years of experience providing five different POS systems to all sorts of restaurants and retail businesses. Once really smart mobile devices came along, and cloud computing got real, they decided to take full advantage of everything these technologies had to offer.
The time was right for something completely new. So they took everything they knew about POS for every kind of business and put it in the cloud. Then they gave it an interface that could control everything, but was simple enough for a 10 year old to use. Et voila! Xenial.
Smartphone easy. Enterprise powerful. Blow your mind affordable.