Xenial + SICOM=Better Together
Two powerhouses unite to serve the global restaurant and food service technology market.

By Christopher Sebes, President, Xenial

In late October, our parent company Global Payments announced that we had completed the acquisition of SICOM Systems. SICOM had just completed its acquisition of Nextep Systems, a leading provider of self-order technology including customer-facing kiosks. SICOM is being integrated into the Xenial business unit. I couldn’t be more thrilled to join these two powerhouse companies. This acquisition promises huge benefits to all of our customers, and in this post I’d like to unpack how and why.

Why did we bring together SICOM and Xenial?

First, a little background. I have been in the hospitality industry my entire life. I have run hotels, resorts and restaurants on three continents. And I have also founded, operated, and sold restaurant technology companies.

Central to our decision was the fact that SICOM and Xenial share the same values and culture, which emphasize delivering superior customer service and industry-leading products in an open, transparent and accountable culture.


I can tell you with certainty that there has been more change in the restaurant technology space in the last 10 years than in the prior 30 years. We have seen over $4.7 billion of venture capital dollars flow just into restaurant delivery in the past five years. We’ve seen new players ascend to unicorn valuation levels. And we’re seeing some very large players in this space struggle in the face of new technologies, new competitors and the unprecedented demand for innovation.

Both Xenial and SICOM are innovators and leaders in our space that offer modern solutions that are far superior to decades-old technologies. We apply modern user experience best practices and rely on cloud-first technology, development practices, programming languages, and methods. For example, our Xenial restaurant management platform is cloud-based and the app can be downloaded to your choice of device (Android, iOS, or Windows) in minutes.

Using our solutions, our customers will find it easier, more efficient, and cheaper to run their businesses and to prepare their enterprises for the future.

More Capabilities and Solutions from one Vendor

Our customers have told us that they prefer to consolidate products and services with fewer vendors, so this consolidation will benefit all of our customers. We have a broader range of products to sell, and they will be sold and serviced by one company.


Xenial solutions are truly end-to-end and span:

  • A cloud-based POS/restaurant management platform

  • Omnichannel ordering

  • Kitchen management

  • Drive-thru management

  • Indoor and outdoor digital menu boards

  • Order confirmation boards

  • Customer-facing kiosks

  • Smart kitchen management connected to cooking and holding equipment

  • Full back of house

  • Gift cards, loyalty and business-to-consumer CRM solutions

  • Advanced capabilities to drive demand including analytics with email marketing and social reputation management

And we offer products such as credit card processing, payroll services and lending services through Heartland in the US and our parent company Global Payments in many countries across the world.

These are solutions available today, and we’re innovating for tomorrow. We have a host of exciting advancements for restaurants currently in research and development that will enable us to leapfrog our competitors and empower our customers to deliver new and better experiences to their guests. We’ll share those when it’s time.

Our primary markets include:

  • Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)

  • Fast Casual Restaurants

  • Food Service Management

In addition, we have customers in:

  • Full-Service Restaurants

  • Light Retail

  • Parking

  • Grocery and Convenience

Some Fun Facts and Stats, in Case You’re Into that Sort of Thing

Xenial solutions equip hospitality providers with the next-gen software, technology, and services they need to power the future of commerce, today.

  1. We serve more than 51,000 locations and another 110,000 cloud customers in restaurant (Quick Service and Fast Casual), food service, retail and parking verticals.

  2. We have installations in 62 countries.

  3. We count 19 of the top 40 QSR brands in the U.S. as our customers.

  4. Global Payments is a Fortune 1000 company that delivers customized payment and technology solutions to customers worldwide. Its capabilities include card processing, lending, payroll and other financial technology solutions provided through offices in 31 countries. This includes ownership of Heartland Payment Systems, the fifth largest payment processor in the US

Bigger Team, Total Solution to Serve our Customers

As a technology partner, we’re here to serve our customers, focusing on what matters to them, helping them deliver great food, great experiences, and a recognizable brand.

With the addition of SICOM, Xenial will be more than 760 employees strong. This means a larger services organization to serve our customers better and in more places.

And even though we’re bigger, we’ll stay true to our core values and remain dedicated to the  relationships we’ve built. As a practical matter, our customers will see little change and will communicate through the same teams and interact with the same solutions to which they have grown accustomed.

I’m excited to be a part of this bigger, better, powerhouse company, and I look forward to continuing to serve existing customers and to meet new ones.