How Mobile Apps Shift Restaurant Work-Life Balance in Your Favor
A smartphone loaded with the right apps adds up to a powerful and liberating tool for restaurant managers.

If you own or manage a restaurant – or several  – you probably struggle to leave your work behind. Your responsibilities never seems to end, with the need to keep tabs on so many details and wrestle with constant demands from employees, vendors, and day-to-day operations.

You already possess a powerful tool to help tame that workload and keep your work (and personal) life on track: your mobile phone. On-the-fly management, thanks to the growing availability of industry-specific and other apps, can help anyone make a dent in that to-do list and keep things running smoothly  –  whether you’re onsite, on the road or cheering on the sidelines at your daughter’s soccer match.

24-7 Remote Store Management in the Palm of Your Hand

Google the term “restaurant management phone apps” and you’ll be bombarded with more than 3 million possible results. Clearly it’s a crowded field, but not all systems are created equal.

The most powerful apps provide a way to track activity at your restaurant (or multiple restaurants) to provide you some peace of mind. They not only tap into POS data and allow you to stay on top of sales, labor expenses and other metrics; they are capable of drilling down to the details of every guest check.

Monitor and Manage Your Stores Anytime, Anywhere

The best restaurant management apps like Xenial Mobile Manager can be your eyes and ears. They will alert you when potential losses from voids or refunds occur and allow you to take action from your phone. They show you at-a-glance comp numbers across multiple stores or today versus the same day a week or a month ago. They help you navigate the demands of running one, two or more restaurants—without dropping everything, and without staying late—so you can actually have a personal life.

Productivity Apps Get Things Done

Keeping up a dialog with staff, tracking social sentiment and responding on social media, as well as finding time to conduct simple errands are all part of running a restaurant. Fortunately, apps abound to help you tackle it all, and avoid being constantly overwhelmed.

For team communication, Slack and Hipchat both venture beyond simple instant messaging capabilities by streamlining group or individual texts, video chats, image sharing and more. Imagine how much more impact a live video conversation with an employee or manager will have versus an email or even a text.

For errands or chores, Task Rabbit has a solution. Users describe and post jobs—for example, moving tables and chairs for carpet cleaning, fixing that broken light fixture—then vetted “Taskers” offer to take the chore on for a fee they set. But if you think you can still handle these jobs yourself, Wunderlist is a virtual assistant that will help you conquer your to-do list.

Restaurant Mobile Apps Put more Life Back into the Work-life Balance

Managing one or several restaurants can tie you down. A smartphone loaded with helpful mobile apps can free you up. So go ahead. Play the back nine. Accept more coffee meetup invitations from friends. Find balance. Live.