Why High-Growth Chains Need an Integrated POS System
A growing business needs the right technology for efficient processes. A cloud-based, integrated POS system is key to your growth strategy.

Cloud computing has rocketed point of sale (POS) systems into a new universe of capabilities — and they’re the capabilities you need to maintain your high-growth restaurant chain’s momentum. A cloud-based, integrated POS system can give you the advantages you need to solve complex pain points, save time and money, and elevate your market share in a competitive restaurant environment.

Here are five of the many advantages an integrated POS system can give your business:  

  1. Shared Data Across All Applications

Integrated applications do more than allow you to upload data between them. Integrated applications work as one system. That means if you enter data, it’s automatically shared with all applications. This eliminates the need to manually enter data and the errors that can occur when you do, which saves labor hours and time correcting mistakes. It also streamlines processes and saves time because information is instantly provided where it’s needed.

At one time restaurants had to work with different vendors that specialized in software to manage labor, payments, inventory and purchasing and other functions. And often, none of those disparate systems spoke the same language. Today, an integrated POS system can connect all that, as well as reservations, in-store waitlist and seating, online ordering, menu, recipe, and kitchen management, email marketing, loyalty programs and more. Working with an integrated tool that handles many – if not all – of these functions reduces your administrative costs, handles tasks like scheduling and purchasing more efficiently, and has the potential to smooth both your operations and the guest experience.

  1. Fewer Data Silos

By moving away from the ‘best-of-breed’ model where you have separate apps for the various business functions - e.g., one for payroll, another for CRM - and instead operating with one, unified restaurant management  platform, all of your data is collected in one place. There is no longer a need to manually do ‘data gymnastics’ so that you can share it among your various applications. A unified, cloud-based restaurant management platform with the right ‘above the store’ reporting capabilities empowers you to view and analyze data from multiple restaurants in your chain, giving you a real-time view of your entire business. Eliminating data silos will give you deeper visibility into your business and help you to make smarter business decisions.     

  1. One Vendor (aka One Throat to Choke)

One of the biggest benefits of a unified POS system for restaurants is eliminating the need to work with multiple vendors. Say goodbye to the finger pointing that happens when software apps don’t talk to one another. And if you do encounter a problem, you know exactly who to call to resolve the issue.

Working with one vendor also eliminates the amount of time you spend on vendor oversight and contracts, allowing you to focus on more important, revenue-producing aspects of your growing business.

  1. Real-Time Access to Business-Critical Information

Cloud-based, unified POS gives you 24/7 access to key business data. The mobile management capabilities of your integrated, cloud-based POS system enable you to perform most any task that you could if you were in your office. For example, you can approve shift changes, receive notifications when something unusual happens, like several voids in a row, see sales performance among restaurant locations at a glance, and even make decisions on shift coverage based on real-time store traffic and sales data. You can also access reports any time you need to.

  1. Customer Service that Makes You More Competitive

An integrated POS system streamlines workflows and provides frontline staff with the information they need to excel at their jobs. The result? Experiences that go above and beyond what diners expect and increased customer loyalty.

A cloud-based, unified POS system enhances each part of the guest experience. Your system can efficiently handle reservations as well as waitlist and table management to make the most efficient use of staff (and to maximize table turns). It can also automatically manage online orders and share them with the kitchen. A unified POS system can facilitate omnichannel ordering, whether it’s through your mobile app; the server taking - or the customer submitting an order via tablet; or via kiosk; and then transmit it to the appropriate food prep stations so you can provide prompt service. And a POS system with an integrated gift and rewards program can easily issue and redeem gift cards, track and report balances, and report on rewards level to help you attract new customers, drive revenue, and foster loyalty.

Do Things Right

A growing business needs efficient processes and the right technology. An integrated restaurant management platform is a key to the strategy that fuels growth.

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