The no compromise platform for the enterprise.
With most POS systems, you have to choose. Do you want the simplicity, centralized control and lower costs of a cloud-based solution? Or do you want the robustness, feature richness, and reliability of traditional POS? While greater control and lower costs sound great, they're meaningless if your POS can't get the job done.
Xenial is the best of both worlds.
Xenial Enterprise Restaurant Management
As reliable, flexible and affordable as your smartphone.
Have it all with Xenial.
Xenial's hybrid app + cloud platform delivers all the power, robustness and feature-richness of Heartland Iris, but rebuilt for the cloud. We then boosted its flexibility and ease-of-use, and made it blow your mind affordable.
The smartphone-easy Xenial app can be downloaded and installed in 2 minutes onto any Android, iOS or Windows devices.*
All the heavy lifting-data crunching, multi-site management and administration, etc.-happens in the Xenial cloud.
Everything is controlled in-store from the app- ordering, payments, time clock, kitchen management, cash reconciliation, etc.
As a hybrid solution, Xenial stays fully functional for days, sharing orders between terminals and apps, even if the internet goes down.
You get everything, even all the hardware you want, for a fixed monthly price.
*Xenial supports Android v5-7, iOS v10 or higher and Windows 7 or higher (as of March 2018).
Xenial gives everyone the freedom to do more.
Free your enterprise from the burdens of traditional POS. The Xenial hybrid platform provides more of what IT, operations, marketing and finance need to do their jobs better, faster, and at a fraction of the cost.
More time and resources for IT
Turn IT infrastructure into an on-demand service that can be accessed from any networked device. This means no IT servers in-store, in any office, anywhere.
With minimal infrastructure to install or manage, IT gets the time and resources it needs to innovate new value for the business and rapidly roll out their innovations across the enterprise. Xenial also gives IT the freedom of unlimited scalability with no additional costs.

In-store, Xenial is an unlimited terminal and ordering resource:

  • Install it on an unlimited number of iOS, Android or Windows terminals.
  • Use it in any ordering mode in any channel.
  • Use standard hardware, nothing is proprietary.

For the enterprise, Xenial is an unlimited cloud resource, supporting enterprise data of any size, anywhere globally.

More efficiency and cost control for Ops
Give Operations the power to do much more for much less. Decrease the time, effort and resources required to make sure operational performance exceeds expectations at the corporate and franchise level.
Xenial gives Ops a firm grip on labor costs with visual scheduling tools and real-time data. Make sure corporate policies and regulations are enforced at the franchise level. Ensure shifts are never under or overstaffed and overtime is avoided.
Xenial's intuitive interface design and smartphone ease of use slash the time and costs required for training, while ensuring more consistent and effective system usage.
Reporting & Analysis
Detailed reports provide up-to-the minute analysis of compliance and operational performance across the enterprise.
Stop employee theft!
Xenial monitors how much is in each cash drawer at all times and lets you set up alerts for suspicious activity, such as a "no sale" being rung up several times in a row.
What if the internet goes down?
No problem, the apps keep working locally for days and send data up to the cloud whenever the connection is restored.
More data and insight for Marketing
Give marketing a unified platform that provides centralized control over the development and roll-out of marketing programs at the corporate and franchise level.
Xenial consolidates every piece of customer data from any source. Even lists with hundreds of thousands of records can be quickly and easily imported and mapped in the system. Create relevant customer segments, including segments of one, based on highly customizable criteria, such as:

  • Customers in a certain neighborhood
  • Customers who haven't visited in a while
  • A specific customer's interests and preferences

Use these segments to develop, deliver and track stored value rewards, gift cards and single-use coupons that generate revenue and build brand loyalty.

Validate the effectiveness of every program with Xenial's marketing dashboard, which provides:

  • Centralized, real-time data analysis and reporting
  • At-a-glance campaign results based on ROI
  • The information you need to refine your campaigns for maximum impact
More revenue and cash flow for Finance
Finance will love Xenial's fixed monthly price, no per terminal fees, no hidden costs and no monthly fluctuations. Plus, the minimal IT infrastructure required to run Xenial can be provided on a subscription basis, which means no capital expenditures.
The bottom line: Xenial offers dramatically lower operating costs than traditional POS. This frees up cash flow for increasing growth, or profits, or both!

The top line: Xenial helps increase revenue. New franchisees will love Xenial because they get all of its benefits with no big hits to their bottom line and no unexpected costs or capital expenses.

What's more, Xenial's centralized, real-time data analytics give finance an up-to-the minute, bird's eye view of performance at any level of operation across the enterprise.

How to drive the bottom line.
Here's an analysis of how much one national quick serve chain would save using Xenial.
Enterprise Cost Savings
Financial Impact
of Xenial platform conversion in the enterprise
POS / Kitchen SW
POS / Kitchen HW*
POS DB Maintenance
Back Office SW
Internet with Backup
Security / PCI
External Payment
Digital Menu Boards
Help Desk Services
Total Annual Costs
Xenial could even save you
Give your bottom line something to cheer about.
Start with our core solution. Then pick and choose from our flexible menu of services to meet your specific needs.
Xenial Ordering

Everything you need to keep the front of the house humming and buzzing in all of your locations.
Xenial Back Office and Customer Engagement
Robust, cloud-powered enterprise capabilities for recipe management, inventory, cost tracking, labor & scheduling, marketing and more.
Top 3 things to about Xenial.
No per terminal fees! With Xenial, you only pay for access to our services.
Xenial apps run on any operating system or device, even your old POS terminal.
Centralized control. Xenial puts your enterprise in the palm of your hand.