Everything you need to keep checkout lines and your bottom line humming.
Xenial lets you create delightful and seamless customer experiences while keeping the back of the house shipshape, at a price that will keep you (and your accountant) smiling. Start with our core solution. Then pick and choose from our flexible menu of services to meet your specific needs.

Your bottom line, and your customers, will thank you.

Xenial Prime
For a fixed monthly fee, get everything you need to keep the shop humming and buzzing.


    Xenial makes ringing up a customer as easy as using your smartphone. Enter an item by just scanning a bar code or touching a button and get all the details about it you need. Your sales clerks will never have to run for a price check again.


    Xenial has every specific local tax rule and rate ready and available when you need them. You'll never have to remember whether it's ice cubes or ice blocks that are taxed in Arizona. It all updates for you, automatically.


    Xenial has a very big brain and it crunches all that info to give you what you need to run the local store and close out the day. You get reports for sales, labor, costs, cash and full store reconciliation. Xenial even has local reporting when there's no Internet connection, so you can always reconcile and close the store.


    Xenial tracks when employees work and lets management know costs and set some controls. You get shift start/stops, employee cost tracking even for multiple locations, time adjustments from any device anywhere, plus seamless integration with Xenial scheduling and Heartland Payroll Services.


    Xenial provides easy access to credit card and gift card processing vendors. Card processing is seamless and data invisible. Xenial never stores card data so there's no worries about data breaches or PCI compliance.


    Xenial provides a seamless connector to turn hours worked into payroll and taxes. No more spreadsheet shuffling!

Xenial Plus
For a little extra each, choose any of the additional features below to enhance your Xenial Prime plan.
Back office features


    Xenial makes it easy to fill schedules and still give your employees flexibility. You get shift coverage display, dynamic labor costs as you schedule, and employee self-service for shift swaps, time off and contact info management.


    Xenial gives you depletion of counted items plus cost of goods sold integrated with your accounting and vendor purchasing systems. Sophisticated reporting lets you audit and analyze historical costs and understand fluctuations, even across multiple locations.


    Xenial tracks everything going on in your restaurant or across your enterprise and sends you alerts about sales, fraud, costs or pretty much anything else you think is important. And it all goes right to your smartphone.


    Xenial provides an easy to use and fully archived messenger to let in-store and above-store managers know about employee, building and customer issues and observations.

Marketing features

  • GIFT

    Xenial makes giving good for business by providing a centralized hub for your customers and you to provide gifts, credits and discounts. When combined with Xenial ordering anywhere, you create the ultimate giving universe.


    Xenial rewards lets you sell better and sell more by making it easy to register, track and reward customers. You can also easily track and improve program effectiveness.

  • CRM

    Stop playing "the log in game" with specialty tools from lots of vendors and pull it all together in one place. Xenial's great customer management and marketing tools make it easy to turn strangers into customers and customers into regulars. Tie all that customer information into the point-of-sale to see what's moving the needle on sales and what's just wasting money.