The seamless customer experience
platform for light retail.
As a retail store owner, your point-of-sale is mission critical. If it doesn't work right, nothing does. But how often does your point-of-sale actually slow down sales? By the time a sales clerk looks up an item, finds out if a promotion is still valid, gives the item the right markdown and takes payment from a gift card, is the line backed up all the way down the aisle?
Keep checkout lines moving with Xenial.
Never run for a price check again.
Xenial puts everything your sales clerks need to know about an item right at their fingertips.
Enter an item by scanning a bar code or touching a button at any time during checkout.
Personalized start screens allow clerks to approve price changes, discount damaged items, give refunds, even sell items that haven't been added to inventory.
Easy lookup of product details ensures customer questions are answered and the correct item selected before it's added to an order.
End-to-end & inside-to-out.
Xenial's app + cloud model is everything you need to manage your light retail business, minus the cost and complexity of traditional POS.
Smartphone easy.
Enterprise meets intuitive.
The Xenial app is so intuitive it requires no special training and virtually no support. It makes ringing up a customer as easy as using a smartphone. Even your newest employee will be able to answer product questions like a pro, get the transaction done quickly and get the customer on their way.

On the management side, the Xenial app makes back office control your new superpower. Everything you need to run your store is never more than a swipe, tap, or click away.

Enterprise powerful.
You wear a lot of hats.
And you can't afford to let anything fall through the cracks. That's why Xenial has every enterprise capability you can imagine packed into our cloud platform-from stock management and employee scheduling to manager logs and marketing.

The Xenial cloud is also the command and control center for your business. It connects all your locations and devices, and stores and analyzes all your data, so you can:

  • remotely control which stores and devices get updates.
  • set up real-time alerts for anything you want to know.
Stop employee theft!
Xenial monitors how much is in each cash drawer at all times and lets you set up alerts for suspicious activity, such as a "no sale" being rung up several times in a row.
What if the internet goes down?
No problem, the apps keep working locally for days and send data up to the cloud whenever the connection is restored.
Blow your mind affordable.
Hardware is a commodity.
It's just a pipe to get to the real value-Xenial's state-of-the-art cloud services. The Xenial app runs on any device so you can maximize your existing hardware investments or mix in the latest technologies while still lowering operating costs. And you never need IT servers or support.

Xenial also has no per terminal fees, no third-party connector costs, no capital expenses, no hidden costs or monthly fluctuations. Just a low, fixed monthly price for the services you need based on the size of .your business.

The bottom line? Higher profits and the ability deliver a fantastic customer experience.

Give your customers something
to cheer about.
Start with our core solution. Then pick and choose from our flexible menu of services .to meet your specific needs.
All plans include PRIME features
Xenial Prime
Everything you need to keep the shop humming and buzzing.
In addition to Prime
Xenial Prime Plus
Cloud-powered capabilities for the back office, marketing and more.
Top 3 things to about Xenial.
No per terminal fees. Use as much equipment as you feel you need. Same fixed price.
No proprietary hardware. Yours, ours, old or new. It's up to you.
Runs on any operating system. We've brought peace between Android, iOS and Windows.