The unlimited growth platform for restaurants.
As a restaurant owner, you know that the cost and complexity of POS siphons profits and slows growth. Opening a new location means a load of start-up and ongoing costs-per terminal fees, connector fees, IT support, training, testing, maintenance, security, and then some. That's a lot to drag with you up the ladder to success.
Xenial takes all that baggage off your hands.
Eliminate the POS "growth tax"
Xenial's app + cloud model lets you avoid the barriers to growth traditional POS puts in your way.
The smartphone-easy Xenial app can be downloaded and installed in 2 minutes onto any Android, iOS or Windows device.
All the heavy lifting-data crunching, site administration, multi-site management, etc.-happens in the Xenial cloud.
You control everything in-store from the app - ordering, dynamic menus, payments, time clock, kitchen management and local reporting.
End-to-end & inside-to-out.
Xenial has everything you need to manage your business, minus the cost and complexity. Just login, download, and get growing.
Smartphone easy.
Enterprise meets intuitive.
The Xenial app is so intuitive it requires no special training and virtually no support. It literally makes life easier for everyone:
Even your newest employee will be taking orders like a pro in any channel-in the drive thru, at the counter, wherever. Hand them a tablet and they'll be busting lines at the touch of a button.
Xenial's customizable interface helps customers decide what they want and quickly complete their order, either from a kiosk or on the web.
Xenial gives kitchen management an ease-of-use makeover with digitized displays, heads-up menus, timers, digital bump bars and more.
Xenial makes back office control your new superpower. Everything you need to manage your restaurant is never more than a swipe, tap, or click away.
Enterprise powerful.
You wear a lot of hats.
And you can't afford to let anything fall through the cracks. That's why Xenial has every enterprise capability you can imagine packed into our cloud platform-from omni-channel ordering and menus to employee clocking and scheduling to inventory and email campaigns.

The Xenial cloud is also the command and control center for your business. It connects all your locations and devices, and stores and analyzes all your data, so you can remotely control which stores and devices get updates. set up real-time alerts for anything you want to know.

Stop employee theft!
Xenial monitors how much is in each cash drawer at all times and lets you set up alerts for suspicious activity, such as a "no sale" being rung up several times in a row.
What if the internet goes down?
No problem, the apps keep working locally for days and send data up to the cloud whenever the connection is restored.
Blow your mind affordable.
Hardware is a commodity.
It's just a pipe to get to the real value-Xenial's state-of-the-art cloud services. With Xenial, adding a new location is as cheap and easy as logging on to the Xenial cloud and downloading the app. You never need IT servers or support.

Xenial also has no per terminal fees, no third-party connector costs, no capital expenses, no hidden costs or monthly fluctuations. Just a low, fixed monthly price for the services you need based on the size of your business.

The bottom line? Dramatically higher profits and the freedom you need to grow grow grow.

Get growing with Xenial.
Start with our core solution. Then pick and choose from our flexible menu of services to meet your specific needs.
All plans include PRIME features
Xenial Prime
Everything you need locally to keep the front of the house humming and buzzing.
In addition to Prime
Xenial Prime Plus
Cloud-powered capabilities for the back office, marketing and more.
Top 3 things to about Xenial.
No per terminal fees! With Xenial, you only pay for access to our services.
Xenial apps run on any operating system or device, even your old POS terminal.
Omni-channel ordering. Xenial can take orders from anywhere, even the web.